Lincoln oil change near Newark DE

Changing your oil at the intervals recommended by Lincoln is an essential part of keeping your vehicle fit to drive. Your oil has a myriad of functions under the hood, and when it gets dirty, it loses its ability to do its job. When that happens, it's important to replace it before serious damage occurs, so contact our Newark DE area Lincoln service center right away!

How Oil Saves Your Engine

  • It Keeps Your Engine Cool: Your vehicle has a lot of moving parts under its hood. This generates a lot of heat as a result of friction. Without oil to disperse that heat around the engine, it can build up and cause serious damage.
  • It Helps Lubricate Engine Parts Without proper lubrication, the parts in your car's engine can't move as efficiently as they should. This results in greater heat generation, and can cause damage to your engine. Oil helps to keep everything moving along smoothly.
  • It Removes Particles and Grime Small particles like dirt can prove to be deadly to your engine over time. In addition, when oil breaks down it turns into a sticky sludge. Replacing your oil at the recommended intervals gets that nasty stuff out of your engine.

Why Get Your Oil Changed at Carman Lincoln?

Carman Lincoln is the perfect place to turn when you need to get your oil changed, or for any other routine maintenance. Our highly-trained technicians get to work at 7:30 a.m., so you can drop off your car before work, and they don't leave until 6 p.m.--and on Wednesday, we stay open until 8 p.m. Not matter the time you swing by, you can count on our mechanics to provide the utmost in customer and technical service.

In addition, the service center at our Newark DE area Lincoln dealer offers Lincoln Pickup & Delivery services. If you work a schedule that makes it tough to get your vehicle in during our shop hours, we'll pick up your vehicle and return it when your service is finished, leaving you with a loaner vehicle for the in-between time. But that's not all--we'll even wash it before we bring it back to you.

Happy Customers

I have a 2013 Ford Explorer, which I love driving. I recently had some things that needed attention: an oil change, a noise I heard when braking, and a scrape on the front fender.

Our original salesperson quarterbacked the appointments with the Service & Body Depts. He picked up my Explorer from my home on a Monday morning & left me with a Lincoln loaner. He coordinated the oil change, and the warranty work with the Service Department and had the Body Shop buff out my front fender scrape, for free. I paid for the oil change via CC over the phone. Doug returned my vehicle to my home on Wednesday am.

This is not a unique experience. Doug has provided my husband a similar level of service on his Lincoln. It is truly concierge-level. I wholeheartedly recommend this dealership." - Dealerrater user

If you can't remember the last time you scheduled an oil change, then you're probably due! Contact Carman Lincoln online or by calling (302) 324-4400 to schedule an oil change today.

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