2020 lincoln mkz parked in the city

Buying a new Lincoln as your next vehicle means driving with a sense of extra safety and confidence. All of Lincoln's 2020 model year vehicles now feature Lincoln Co-Pilot360™, a suite of Lincoln's 5 most popular Driver Assist Technologies. These technology features expand your senses to see ahead, look behind, and monitor blind spots. Stop by Carman Lincoln in New Castle today and experience a confidence boost and a feeling of relief driving with Lincoln Co-Pilot360™.


BLIS® Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert


Blind Spot Detection will automatically alert you with a visual warning in your side mirror when it detects a vehicle traveling in your blind spot. This way, you know not to change lanes until the vehicle passes or you speed up to safely get in front. Cross-Traffic Alert can sense vehicles approaching from either side as you back out, helping you see all around you and prevent an accident.


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lincoln co-pilot 360 cross-traffic alert
lincoln automatic emergency braking

Pre-Collision Assist With Automatic Emergency Braking


This feature uses radar technology to scan the roadway ahead for vehicles or pedestrians. If it detects a vehicle or pedestrian ahead, it will issue a collision warning and can automatically apply the brakes to avoid or diminish the severity of a possible collision.


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Lane Keeping System


Lincoln's Lane Keeping System does not control the steering, but it will help you stay on track. Through a specially mounted camera, this feature monitors road lane markings to detect unintentional lane drifting. If you begin to cross the lines on the road without a turn signal indicated, it will issue an alert and even assist with increased steering torque to help correct the unintentional maneuver.


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lincoln co-pilot 360 using lane keeping system
lincoln using rear view camera

Rear View Camera


Lincoln's rear view camera ensures you have eyes in the back of the vehicle as well as the front. Instead of trying to see with limited visibility as to what's behind you as you back out, the rear view camera allows you to clearly see with helpful guidelines and audio cues.


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Auto High Beam Headlamps


This feature ensures you have the most visibility without diminishing other drivers' views while driving at night. The auto high beam headlamps function in fog and rain, shine bright when appropriate, and reduce to low beams when traffic ahead is detected.


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lincoln equipped with auto high beam headlamps

Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and loosen your tight grip on the steering wheel. Lincoln's Co-Pilot360™ Driver Assist Technologies make sure your luxurious drive is also a safe one. These features ease your stress on the highway, in crowded parking lots, and even while driving at night. Come visit Carman Lincoln in New Castle today! Give us a call and let us know what 2020 Lincoln model you're interested in test-driving, and we'll make sure it's waiting for you when you get here.

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