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2020 Lincoln Aviator

Luxury has been taken to a new height, and that means expectations are gliding closely behind. The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a seven passenger three row SUV that combines powerful performance with lavish luxury. It represents the pinnacle of innovation. The 2020 Lincoln Aviator inspires the feeling of flight with its captivating, aerodynamic exterior design lines, interior space, and abundant power. Take ride in first class.

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Phone As A Key


You read that right, and it is that simple, use your personal smartphone as a key. In only a few simple steps via the Lincoln Way app™, you can program your phone to act as the key to the LIncoln Aviator. Using Bluetooth™ connectivity your phone will unlock the Lincoln Aviator and allow you to start it with the simple press of a button. Power to the pocket space, you'll never have to bring your car keys with you again. And, don't worry, should your phone run out of power, you can simply enter backup codes to gain access and to start the vehicle.


Headlamps With a Brain


The Adaptive Pixel LED Headlamps incorporate several groundbreaking technologies to light the way both on and off the road. On the highway, Speed Dependent Lighting is designed to shine light further into the distance, and in town the light array widens helping drivers detect potential hazards and pedestrians. Doesn't sound innovative enough? Adaptive Dynamic Bending Lighting uses camera technology to read road signs and lane markings to anticipate and light exactly where the road will take you.


Glide Across Any Terrain


The available Air Glide Suspension in the Lincoln Aviator continuously monitors vehicle position and weight distribution to help create a cloud like ride - we don't anticipate any turbulence. The Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview utilizes an advanced front facing camera to evaluate and monitor the road ahead. If an upcoming irregularity in the road is detected, a pothole for example, the system will prepare the suspension and help make driving over them as comfortable as possible.

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