Winter hasn’t been especially kind to us this year. As arctic temperatures continue to be the norm throughout most of the Northeastern U.S., Carman Lincoln in New Castle, Delaware wants to take some time to help our customers take care of their luxury Lincoln rides when Jack Frost starts nipping at our noses.


Check out the following part-by-part guide on how to best prepare your luxury Lincoln ride for the remaining weeks of the harsh winter season.


Your vehicle's battery is essential to its basic functionality. Without a properly cared-for battery, you may experience stalls, difficulty starting, and weak electrical connections throughout your vehicle.

To prepare your battery for cold temperatures, start by cleaning any corrosion from your battery posts and cable connection. Be sure to wash all surfaces with battery terminal cleaner or a solution of baking soda and water.


For even more security, have your car’s battery checked by a professional to ensure that it is strong enough to maintain a healthy charge in frigid temperatures. Most batteries will last between 3 and 5 years, but they may give very little warning prior to failure. 


Very few components of your vehicle are as important to its performance and safety as its tires. Before the next snow storm hits, be sure to examine your tires for tread depth, uneven wearing and cupping.


In addition, always remember to check your tire pressure at least once a month. Do this when your tires are cold, as doing so when the tires are warm may render an inaccurate reading. 


Before driving a considerable distance, consider having your tires inspected by a certified specialist at Carman Lincoln. If needed, they may recommend a tire rotation, alignment, or a full set replacement altogether.


Even in refined luxury vehicles like the ones available at Carman Lincoln, engines must work harder in freezing temperatures. If you are experiencing engine-related drivability problems like hard starts, rough idling, stalling, or diminished power, be sure to have your engine looked at by a professional repair shop as soon as possible.


Engine hoses and belts should be inspected for wear or cracking, and vital fluids such as engine oil, engine coolant, transmission, and brake fluid should be checked and changed at regular intervals as needed.

Exhaust System

In the winter time, rough road conditions like ice, sleet, snow, and freezing rain require regular treatment with ice melting products like salt. While this does help to make the roads safer to drive on, an abundance of salt can wreak havoc on certain parts of your luxury vehicle, such as the exhaust system, which is located underneath your vehicle.


Have a certified mechanic thoroughly inspect your undercarriage and exhaust system for leaks and rust spots, and be sure they inspect for holes in your trunk and floorboards. Exhaust leaks can be a serious health hazard if not resolved immediately. 

Brake System

As we’re sure you are well aware, having issues with your breaks is never safe, but this is especially true in the wintertime, when stopping power could mean the difference between a peaceful drive and disaster.


Be sure to inspect your luxury Lincoln's brakes as recommended in your owner’s manual. If you begin to notice pulsations, pulling, odd noises while braking, or a longer stopping distance, you should have these issues addressed and corrected promptly.


As we stated earlier, winter driving often has a strong correlation with dirty road conditions. The salt and sediment from the road can often collect on your windshield, reducing visibility and causing you to rely on your wipers much more frequently than usual.


For this reason, you should be sure to replace your worn windshield-wiper blades as soon as you begin to notice reduced effectiveness such as streaking or spotting. 


The best wiper blades for winter driving are typically one-piece beam-type or rubber-clad blades, which are specially designed to fight snow and ice buildup. Of course, you should always carry an ice scraper with you at all times.


Visibility is key when it comes to winter driving. Just as you should properly maintain your wipers for this reason, you should also be sure to carefully maintain your vehicle’s lights. 


In colder temperatures, light bulbs are more likely to burn out due to the temperature difference created when they are activated. Be sure to inspect all vehicle lights before every drive, and replace any burned-out bulbs immediately. 


In addition, be sure you are regularly cleaning salt stains, road grime, and clouding from your lenses. This will make it easier for other drivers to locate you on the road, keeping both you and them safe.

For more professional maintenance tips from the certified experts at Carman Lincoln in New Castle, don’t hesitate to contact us online, by phone, or in-person today. Looking to schedule a service appointment with us? Click here to do so! We look forward to serving you!
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