The driveshaft is an elongated round shaft (usually made of steel) that is responsible for transferring your engine’s power to a set of gears that are responsible for keeping your wheels in motion. Without a properly functioning driveshaft, you could be in for some serious car trouble. 


At Carman Lincoln in New Castle, we want to make sure that you always have access to as much information as possible when it comes to your vehicle. So what are the symptoms of a bad or failing driveshaft?


Well, one common symptom of driveshaft issues is a strange vibration that originates from underneath your vehicle. Worn-out or broken universal joints (u-joints) or bushings can lead to this vibration, causing your driveshaft to fail. When this occurs, the risk of losing control of your vehicle increases dramatically.


To prevent his problem, your driveshaft’s bushings and u-joints should be serviced as soon as you notice any odd shaking or vibration. Ignoring this warning sign can cause extensive damage to other parts of your drivetrain as well.


Another symptom of driveshaft problems is a loud clunking or knocking noise, as worn u-joints can also cause this to occur. 


As the u-joints of your driveshaft continue to wear, they may also lose the necessary lubrication required for the proper rotation of your driveshaft. Another part of your driveshaft, such as faulty constant velocity joints (cv-joints), may also be responsible for this type of knocking noise.


If you begin to experience any of the issues described above, don’t hesitate to contact the service center at Carman Lincoln in New Castle as soon as possible.

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