Brake pads are designed to wear down evenly over time, that’s why it’s inevitable that you will eventually have to replace the brake pads at some point. 


That said, brake pads should theoretically last up to 70,000 miles, meaning you should only need to replace them a handful of times throughout the life of your vehicle. 


If you find yourself having to replace or service your brakes more frequently than your manufacturer recommends, it could be a result of certain preventable driving or car maintenance habits.


At Carman Lincoln, we want to provide our customers with as much information as possible regarding the health and safety of your luxury Lincoln vehicle. That’s why we’re warning you about these three reasons your brake pads may be wearing out so frequently.

High-Speed Travel 

If you’re guilty of a little lead foot every now and then, chances are high that your brake pads will wear out much more quickly than usual, since high-speed driving requires high-energy stopping power.


Brake pads are forced to work much harder to bring a high-speed vehicle to a stop, and this puts them under unnecessary stress. 


To prevent this issue from occurring, try to get into the habit of driving more slowly, especially when traveling around town. Doing so will not only save your brakes, it will also reduce your risk of an accident. 

Excessive Weight 

Luxury Lincoln vehicles are usually on the heavier side in order to create a truly high-class feel. 


While certified Lincoln parts are built to handle the load, putting an excessive amount of weight on or inside your vehicle can increase the stress placed on your brake system.


Prolong the life of your brake pads by removing heavy clutter from the interior of your vehicle, and be sure to detach any trailer you may have on your vehicle when it is not in use.

Failure to Flush Brake Lines

One of the best ways to ensure the health and performance of every component on your vehicle is by having it properly serviced. This goes for your car’s braking system as well.


Brake lines should be flushed every so often in order to prevent air bubbles from accumulating in the brake fluid. These air bubbles can detract from the effectiveness of your brakes, and prevent your brake fluid from properly lubricating your system effectively.


To ensure peak performance, you should have a professional, certified mechanic (like the ones employed at Carman Lincoln in New Castle) flush your brake lines and change your brake fluid about once every two years.


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