While your Lincoln vehicle makes driving a seamless experience, it’s important to take a moment between commutes to inspect your vehicle. For an optimal experience, inspect the outside of your vehicle from your tires to your lights, to anything that may be hiding under the hood.

Take a Moment to Walk

Before settling in for a comfortable commute, walk around your vehicle to inspect your tires and lights. Be sure to test each turn signal in addition to the headlights and taillights to make sure all the lights are working properly. If you have a passenger traveling with you, have them check to make sure both of your brake lights are also both in working order. Making sure all of your lights are functioning properly allows you to see clearly when driving at night, allows other drivers to know your intended maneuvers and increases your visibility so drivers can see you at night and prevent an accident. If you don’t have all of your lights working properly, it could also result in a fine, due to the increased risk it creates for other drivers not seeing you.

You also want to inspect all four tires and make sure they are properly inflated. Tires lose pressure as it gets colder out, not to mention many of us pass over sharp objects such as nails that can puncture our tires frequently. Checking for these possible mishaps prevents you from driving with a flat tire and damaging your rim.

Take a Moment to Knock

You aren’t the only one who enjoys the heat your Lincoln vehicle creates. Many small animals may find their way under the hood trying to nestle up next to the heat of the engine. Failure to check for small animals, including cats, can lead to seriously hurting, if not fatally injuring the animal, and could leave you with a problem. Simply knock on the hood a few times or beep your horn once or twice before starting your car to startle anything that may be sleeping inside. They’ll be quick to leave and you can safely start your car and be on your way.

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