The Lincoln Motor Company has been one of top names in luxury automotive for over a century, and it didn’t get that track record overnight.


Since the dawn of the luxury automaker in 1917, Lincoln has spent 100 years releasing some of the most refined luxury vehicles in the world. In that span of time, these automobiles gained a serious following and shaped the future of Lincoln luxury in many ways. 


Without further ado, these are the six most famous Lincoln vehicles ever to roll off of the Dearborn factory line.


6. 1936 Lincoln Zephyr


We begin our list with the 1936 Lincoln Zephyr, the car who’s revolutionary look took the luxury auto world by storm at a time when most American’s couldn’t afford a loaf of bread let alone a premium automobile. 


Despite that, the 1936 Lincoln Zephyr made its mark in history by debuting an appearance that was extremely modern for its time. 


With a low-raked windscreen, integrated fenders, and a sleek, aerodynamic design, Lincoln successfully designed an automobile that was truly indicative of its namesake: “Zephyrus” the Greek god of the western wind.

5. 1940 Lincoln Continental Coupe


What makes the 1940 Lincoln Continental stand out is the iconic spare tire mount located on the rear of the vehicle. This was a European styling choice that was greatly admired by Henry Ford, and he included the bold feature on the unique, handmade vehicle crafted for his son, Edsel.


Edsel Ford got so much attention while driving his custom ride, that he later commissioned the vehicle as Lincoln’s flagship at the dawn of the 1940s. It was named the Continental after the land that inspired its unique look, and it went on to inspire decades of spin-offs and special editions that can still be seen in Lincoln automobiles to this very day.

4. 1952 Lincoln Capri


The 1952 Lincoln Capri is often credited for carrying the Lincoln Motor Company into the future of automotive design, as it downsized the traditional large, bulky vehicles that Lincoln had once been famous for.


Given the tagline “Designed for Modern Living,” the 1952 Lincoln Capri also included notable exterior changes indicative of speed and flash, as well as significant mechanical improvements underneath. 


The 1952 Lincoln Capri was the first Lincoln automobile to make use of ball-joint front suspension, making the commonly used king-pin suspension system a thing of the past. The car’s frame was also completely redesigned from the ground up, and its influence caused several competing manufacturers to take notice throughout the mid-20th century.

3. 1961 Lincoln Continental


Jumping ahead 20 years from its original model, the 1961 Lincoln Continental had adapted a much smaller exterior and a lower, more aerodynamic suspension.


Following a downward trend of Lincoln’s sales, the luxury automaker had decided to streamline its production by creating only four-door body styles, and the 1961 Lincoln Continental became the only mass-produced four-door model with a convertible option sold in North America at the time.


Lincoln wasn’t entirely satisfied with the classic sedan appearance however, and thus returned to the use of rear suicide doors in order to maximize availabe rear-seat space.

2. 2010 Lincoln MKT


Taking quite a leap forward in history, we arrive at the 2010 Lincoln MKT, Lincoln’s first luxury SUV to include what would later drive Lincoln’s “Sanctuary for the Senses” cabin design strategy.


Way ahead of its time, the 2010 Lincoln MKT included three rows of luxury seating, acoustically treated doors and windows, and electric-power steering which gave the SUV impeccable handling.


The 2010 Lincoln MKT became one of the best-selling luxury SUVs of the 21st century, and as a result, Lincoln still focuses on relaxing cabins and precision steering to this day.

1. 2017 Lincoln MKZ


In the luxury car market of the 2010s, most American luxury sedans were looking to compete with affordable, efficient European and Japanese luxury models by marketing gas-chugging, highly expensive machines. 


Not Lincoln — who decided to turn a page in their history by debuting the completely redesigned 2017 Lincoln MKZ, a luxury sedan that was capable of keeping pace with the entry-level and foreign sedan markets.


This proved to be successful, as the 2017 Lincoln MKZ was the first to include an efficient-yet-powerful 3.0L twin turbo engine capable of producing between 350 and 400 horsepower while still making an EPA-estimated combined rating of 24 MPG.


The 2017 Lincoln MKZ’s completely new exterior design served as a blueprint for Lincoln sedans made afterward, many of which are currently available in our beautiful showroom right now!


Feel free to browse our inventory of luxury sedans right here, then stop into our New Castle dealer today to take one for a test drive. We look forward to seeing you!

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