Why Do I Keep Smelling Something Burning?

As the summer rolls in, road trips and vacation driving are on the rise. You may be driving your vehicle for longer periods of time than you usually do for your regular commute, so you might notice more hiccups in how your vehicle runs. One typical finding is that after a long or strenuous drive, you may notice a faint burning smell from your vehicle. There may be a few reasons for that.

The smell of burning can indicate that you may be due for an oil change. When oil is clean and performing properly, there are no issues. Over time however, oil picks up the dirt and grime within your system (which is its job), and these impurities can cause your oil to burn. Dirty oil is also not as effective at cooling down your engine. If you smell burning oil, check when the last time you got an oil change was. Chances are, you’re due for a fresh change.

It’s also possible that you may have a small fuel leak. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re losing tons of fuel out of your gas tank, but it’s nothing to ignore. If the connections in your hoses and gaskets are loose or not properly sealed, it can result in this kind of leak. This is definitely not something to ignore, so you should get it checked out right away.

Heading off these kinds of problems early is all about paying attention to what your vehicle is telling you. If you have a temperature gauge, check it throughout the drive to make sure your engine temperature isn’t climbing too high. That can be an indication that your oil isn’t doing its job. Before heading out on a long drive, it’s also a good idea to get your fluids and engine health checked out. Regular maintenance is a great habit to get into, especially before long trips!

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