The Lincoln Way™ App Adds More Convenience To Managing Your Lincoln

The Lincoln Way™ app is available in order to further the sense of ease and luxury you associate with your Lincoln vehicle. With features like GPS tracking, remote climate control, and even remote start, it’s easier than ever to know where your vehicle is and get it ready for your drive. It’s also possible to keep up to date on your vehicle’s specific maintenance information and schedule service appointments.

Another way the Lincoln Way™ app streamlines managing your luxury vehicle is by giving you direct access to your dealership’s information and Lincoln Concierge services. It’s even possible to settle payments through the app so that you can set up your service, confirm all of those details, and pay all from the same place—the palm of your hand.

With everything you need to maximize your enjoyment with your Lincoln vehicle just a tap away on your mobile device, luxury has never been more accessible.

Categories: Technology