Items You Should Never Forget On A Summer Drive

Summer is here and so are long road trips. The open road calls, and now is the time when many people take a vacation to experience any number of destinations. With so many driving to their summer retreats, it’s important to bring the right set of equipment to ensure a happy trip for everyone involved.

A Spare Key

You may have never locked yourself out of your vehicle before, but you definitely don’t want the first time to be when you’re hours from home. Going to your dealer to get a spare key cut can save a massive headache later on. If you’re travelling with a partner or group, maybe giving one to a trusted co-pilot can reduce the chances that both will be lost or locked in the car.

Some Quality Sunglasses

Driving throughout the summer days can do a number on your eyes, making them feel tired and less effective. Sunglasses can block a lot of the glare and are always a good idea on very sunny days.

The Normal Necessities

Adequate water, a first aid kit, extra batteries, a spare tire and tire changing equipment are all useful and an absolute must for any drive. If your vehicle doesn’t already have any of these, you should definitely plan on picking them up regardless of your summer plans!

Comfortable Shoes

Even when you’re sitting down and driving, comfortable shoes are still quite important. While flipflops are popular footwear during the hotter months, they’re not great for driving. They can slide around, fall off, and wedge between pedals, making them incredibly dangerous. A shoe that sits securely on your foot is the best option for driving at any time, especially on long summer drives.

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