Scenic Road Trip Destinations (Part 2)

With Spring now sprung, it’s time to head out on the open road to take in the sights. As part 2 of our series of beautiful stretches of road around America, make sure to take note for future vacations! Creating a catalog of destinations and trip options makes it that much easier to go ahead and enjoy the adventure without spending too much time trying to track down a new location.

New England Coast (North East United States)

This stretch of roads crosses several state lines to offer spectacular views of both the coast and local flavor. Between Gloucester, Massachusetts and New Haven, Connecticut, are over 200 miles of beautiful coastlines to appreciate. You also have the opportunity to pass through Boston, MA, Plymouth, MA, and Providence, RI along the way. Take advantage of tying several adventures together at once!

U.S. 290 (Texas)

The lush fields of bluebonnets in Texas are truly a sight to behold, and worth making the trip out to this stretch north or Austin. In addition to the dazzling array of floral majesty, the 87 mile stretch also winds through rocky hills and powerful geological features. Because it’s a shorter drive, make sure you stop and smell the flowers along the way; you’ll have the time.

Hana Highway (Hawaii)

Though a little out of the way (and on an island), this length of road is an experience that should not be missed if you ever get the opportunity. Though less than 60 miles in total, this drive will test you with cliff-side driving through jungles, over waterfalls, and 620 hairpin turns. Because of how much you’ll need to focus on the road, it’s best to go with a group and do the drive multiple times so everyone can get a chance to enjoy the views!

While these trips are exceptional and definitely worth the trip, never forget that every drive can be a luxury and a vacation as long as you have the right company and mindset. Be sure to take in the sights wherever you are this spring season!

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