One More Tire Check Before The Family Road Trip

Before you set out on your next big family trip, make sure your vehicle is in proper shape to handle the long drive. This includes checking oil and fluid levels, getting a tune-up, and making sure everything is tightened down. Another component that can often be forgotten is checking your tires. Most people have their tires replaced regularly and figure that’s often enough to avoid a check. Before a long journey however, you should have your tires looked at to ensure you have the best grip and handling possible. Here are a few tips when looking at your own tires.

Rotate Those Wheels

Over time, wheels wear out depending on where they are on a vehicle. Having them rotated ensures that they wear even tread wear and prevents singular weak points in your tires.

Look Carefully

Taking the time to closely inspect any dings, nicks, and gouges in the tread and sidewalls of your tires can give you enough of a heads up about a potential issue in the future. If you take your vehicle in for service and specifically ask for them to look at your tires, they can handle this, but it’s always a good idea to take a look yourself so you can identify problems ahead of time.

Check Your Pressure

Crucial to efficient and safe driving is maintaining your tires’ pressure. Owner’s Manuals typically indicate what the proper tire pressure for your vehicle. Tires do lose pressure over time, but if one seems particularly low, you may have a slow leak. One way to check where you might have a leak is to mix water and soap and cover each tire and look for bubbles. This indicates where air is escaping.

The Penny Test

The penny test is one of the oldest methods of checking the treads on your tires. What you do is insert a penny into the grooves on your tire with Lincoln’s head upside down. His head should not be visible from the side. If it is, then your tires are quite worn down and should be replaced. This can also be used as a way to identify where there may be uneven wear on a tire.

Keeping your tires healthy is one of the most important steps before going on a long road trip. Take this opportunity to give your vehicle a full once-over with special attention to your tires.

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