Why It’s Important To Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Not many people like having a dirty vehicle, but it might not be a top priority to spend a day washing it off, or even paying for a professional car wash. However, it may be more important than you think. Maintaining a clean car can actually help it run better and longer than if you just let the grime accumulate.

With Summer in full swing, pollen, dust, and dirt can get caked and baked onto your vehicle. It’s about more than a shiny exterior though. Over a long period of time, these substances can eat away at the protective coating on your vehicle and get to the paint. This can lead to bubbling and a damaged paint job, and eventually even rust on the body. Keeping your vehicle regularly touched up can prevent this kind of damage. 

There are several factors to consider when looking at how often you should wash your car:

Where do you live?

Do you live in a high pollen area? Is it heavily wooded or dry? Do you see a lot of harsh weather on a regular basis? At different times of the year, you could be washing your vehicle more often. If they use salt on the roads in the winter, you’ll want to get that washed off more frequently to protect yourself. 

What kind of conditions are you driving through?

If you’re going offroading, driving through snow or rain, or otherwise driving through rough conditions, consider scheduling a quick carwash session. That should offset any buildup that can lead to serious damage to your paint and body over time. 

Where do you park?

Depending on where you park, your vehicle could be facing more environmental exposure than you think. If it’s under power lines where birds congregate, you already know the kind of cleaning you’ll have to go through to get that residue off. Birds aside, it’s also worth thinking about the constant exposure to the elements your vehicle endures on a daily basis. If possible, parking in a garage is the best way to protect your paint job from the harsh outdoor elements. 

What standard are you looking to keep?

If your goal is to keep your vehicle looking brand new, your cleaning practices are going to be very different than someone who is focused on keeping their vehicle running. Looking at special gloss coat and automotive waxes can ensure that you keep that like-new look, but it’s a more expensive endeavor. 

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