Minor Bumps Can Lead To Major Issues

In all of your long drives this summer, you’ll probably encounter uneven roads. Depending on your normal driving experience, you may feel confident in just bouncing over them without a second thought. However, this attitude can lead to some serious damage to your vehicle.

With every bump in the road, any loose components can be further loosened or damaged. If you regularly hit bumps and rough terrain, make sure you stop in to get your vehicle checked out and address any minor rattling you might notice. These kinds of extra checks can go a long way towards preventing parts coming completely detached or damaging other components of your vehicle.

Your tires, as the primary and only thing on your vehicle to touch the road, face a lot of the abuse from these bumps in the road. Damage to your tires is cumulative, meaning that a minor bump here or a scrape there eventually adds up. This can lead to slow leaks and waking up to a flat tire. 

Any damage to the sidewall of your tires can also result in bulges that indicate a potentially dangerous blowout is on its way. If you feel like your tires are looking a little worse for wear and you regularly drive through rough roads, definitely get them checked out and replaced!

Hitting these bumps can also result in your tires being knocked out of alignment, resulting in your vehicle pulling to the left or right or a consistent shaking. Eventually, these little annoyances can lead to serious damage to your tires and the rest of your steering system.

Depending on how deep of a pothole you hit, you could even be looking at serious body damage immediately. If possible it’s best to avoid these. Especially if they’re full of water, it can be impossible to know how deep they go. It’s always better to not risk it and just drive around.

When planning out trips this summer, be sure to keep an extra close eye on the road ahead, especially in unfamiliar territory. As always safe driving is paramount when setting out on your next adventure.

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