Why Winter Causes Damage to Your Vehicle

Winter can be a fun and exciting season. The cold weather often provides new, unique opportunities for adventure and outdoor activities for those who enjoy the snow. For others, however, the prolonged cold and turbulent weather can prove to be exhausting.

For vehicles, the latter sentiment is most true. While frequent driving can wear out a vehicle during any season, winter is especially trying. The cold season can actually cause some serious damage to your vehicle.

Check out the top vehicular winter woes below!


Salt is a corrosive substance most notably utilized during the winter to help clear and keep roads clean during ice and snow. This salt is immensely helpful in cleaning up wintry roads and enabling safe travel, but its harsh nature can also damage your vehicle. If salt is left on a vehicle’s metal, the metal can rust and corrode. Washing the salt from your vehicle is important. If you drive over salty roads, take the time to wipe the salt residue from any mental surfaces with a cloth or towel once you get home. This simple step can save you from expensive repairs in the long run.  

Thick Fluids

The cold can also thicken up the fluids in your vehicle’s engine. As the temperature goes down, these fluids lose their viscosity and it takes more work on the vehicle’s part to get the engine ready.

This is why it’s important to warm your vehicle before driving. The heat form your engine with allow the fluids to return to their normal consistency so they can continue to run through your engine's systems properly. Forcing the vehicle to run on these thick fluids can cause damage that is avoidable by starting your car a few minutes early each morning.  

Dead Battery

Perhaps one of the most troubling effects of cold weather on your vehicle is how much it can wear on your battery. It takes more power in cold weather to start your vehicle and keep it running. In particularly cold weather, old batteries are very susceptible to dying, and with a dead battery your vehicle won't run at all. You want to ensure your vehicle’s battery is in its best shape for the cold, in order to avoid a dead battery. A battery check by a trustworthy technician will ensure your battery is in good working order or let you know if you need a replacement to combat the cold.

Winter can be an exceptional season to see the sights and take to the roads. It is important to know that the season can also take a toll on your vehicle, and preparations should be made to avoid damage.

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