Reuniting Man’s Best Friend After a Natural Disaster

Every year, the world experiences torrential natural disasters. Some of them hit very close to home. In November, the deadliest wildfire in the last 100 years struck California. People and animals alike lost their homes in this enormous fire, and in the chaos many pets were separated from their loving families.

Luckily, lots of these pets were rescued from the Paradise fire, but a large number of them have not yet been brought back together with their families and have been spending time in shelters while their owners are found. Finding a beloved pet is safe and well after such a tragedy is a huge relief to families trying to rebuild their lives after losing so much. That's why Lincoln, alongside photographer Elias Friedman, also known as “The Dogist,” have teamed up to reunite these pets with their owners with a unique initiative that utilizes the best of the internet's ability to connect people far and wide..

Together, Friedman and Lincoln are working to help reunite families and their four-legged members after the devastating California Camp Fire. To learn more, check out the video above.

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