Winter Driving Safety Tips

This winter is full of surprises. We never know when that next snow and ice storm is coming. With these snow storms being so random, it’s better to always be prepared than to be caught out on the road without warning. Driving in the snow can be very dangerous, but there are some tips and techniques that if you employ will help you stay safe on the road, no matter if you have front wheel, rear wheel, or four wheel drive!

Drive Slowly

This may seem obvious, but when it’s snowing it is extremely important that you drive slowly. This doesn’t just mean go slow when then's more traffic, or when you're hitting a curve - You want to make sure that you maintain a slow speed and don’t change it. Sudden starts and stops are the quickest way to set yourself up for a slide. Ignore those big trucks, they’re just showing off. Play it safe and drive slow.

Be Careful on Hills

This doesn’t just mean you should be careful when you’re coming down a hill — although of course you should — but you have to drive very carefully when going up a hill too. Try not to power up hills as this will cause your tires to spin in place and you risk sliding down. Instead try to build some steady momentum before you get on the hill. This will help you get up the hill at a consistent speed making for a much safer ascent. And be careful on the other side!

Follow Far

You always want to keep your car at least two car lengths behind the one in front of you, but in snowy conditions this space is even more important. If the car in front of you brakes you’re only going to have a couple seconds to brake too, and even if you brake in time you might slide right into them if the roads are slick. This is why when driving in the snow it’s important to stay at least four to five car lengths behind other vehicles.

Pack Gear

Driving in the snow is dangerous, and you could be in an accident. If this happens the worst case scenario is that you can’t get to safety, and that no one can get to you. This is why having a cold-weather care package in your car is so important. Pack things like food, water (in a thermos or it may freeze), a flashlight, ice scraper, blankets, and medical supplies.

Stay Home

If you want to stay completely safe from winter driving conditions, your best bet is to just stay home. Make yourself some hot chocolate, put on a movie, and relax. You can go wherever you need to go tomorrow.

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