All-New Lincoln Aviator Offers Enhanced Visibility in Snow and Ice

Now that winter’s here, it’s important to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for the icy season. The Northeast is projected to see above average ice and snowfall this year, and Lincoln wants to make sure your driving experience remains as comfortable as possible. Many vehicles struggle to maintain visibility through heavy snow and sleet as ice and snow buildup on the wiper blades. With the all-new Lincoln Aviator, featuring heated VisioBlade wipers, that won’t be a problem.

The available VisioBlade washer and wiper system reduces dirt, grime, and icy buildup by dispensing wiper fluid through integrated nozzles in the blade themselves, opposed to dispensing it through the front of the windshield. The VisioBlade washer and wiper system enhances the distribution of the spray, thus cleaning the windshield more efficiently. 

“It sprays in front of the blade, unlike traditional systems that spray the entire windshield,” Geoffrey Johnson, Lincoln body core engineer, said. “You’re using up to 50 percent less fluid than a traditional system, and you’re improving both day and night visibility by spraying directly in front of the blade as it travels, not over the entire windshield.” 

The VisioBlade washer and wiper system also includes an integrated heating element, allowing the wiper blades to warm-up to a toasty 86 degrees Fahrenheit in four minutes. This prevents icy buildup on not only the blades, but the windshield itself as well. This available system for the Lincoln Aviator is also designed with a flat-blade shape to keep the blade pressed against the glass at higher speeds, unlike traditional wiper blades.

Make sure you’re prepared for the winter ahead. Stop by Carman Lincoln in New Castle today for the all-new Lincoln Aviator. For the latest information from Lincoln, be sure to follow Carman Lincoln’s blog posts and sign up for our email notifications!

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