With winter weather in full effect, make sure you’re taking the best care of you and your Lincoln vehicle. As many people are already well aware to drive cautiously in icy and snowy conditions, it may slip your mind that your vehicle requires after care once you’ve made it home safely.  In order to keep the roads safe, the local Department of Transportation not only plows the roads, but also lays down salt to help melt the ice and snow. This salt also clings to your vehicle’s exposed undercarriage as well as your vehicle’s paint, and if left unattended will cause permanent damage.

Pulling in the garage and letting the snow and ice melt off your car will help you the next time you’re ready for a drive, but it won’t do anything for the salt that continues to sit on your car. Until properly washed away, it will continue to sit on exposed parts underneath your vehicle such as your brake lines and muffler. Without taking care of this, it’ll cause those vital parts to rust until they need to be replaced. Brakes that fail to work are often the result of rusted brake lines, causing an unexpected expense. Salt that is also left unattended to that clings to the paint on your car will also cause rusting. 

To keep your vehicle looking as luxurious as it rides, be sure to take it a car wash a few days to a week after the snowstorm. You want to make sure you allow most of the lingering salt to no longer sit on the road, otherwise after you wash it, your vehicle will pick it right back up. You also want to find a carwash that provides an under car power wash to rid the salt that sticks to hard to reach places.  It’s also a best practice to wash your vehicle during the daytime while it is above freezing temperatures, so your vehicle can dry properly. 

Help your vehicle maintain its look of luxury and sleek comfort and prevent salt damage during inclement weather. Looking to upgrade your vehicle this winter? Stop by Carman Lincoln in New Castle and we’ll help you find the Lincoln that best fits your needs.

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