Lincoln Aviator Elevates Driving Experience with Advanced Suspension System

The open road doesn’t always allow for a smooth ride, but with the all-new Lincoln Aviator’s advanced suspension system, your drives will be smooth and refined.


The Lincoln Aviator elevates your driving experience with its intuitive Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview. The advanced technology enlists a comprehensive suite of 12 sensors to “constantly monitor vehicle motion, body movement, steering, acceleration and braking activities.” 


The sensors can automatically prompt setting adjustments if the front-facing camera spots an upcoming bump or hole in the road to lessen the impact of the obstacle, creating a more pleasant driving experience for you and your vehicle.


“The system in Aviator is so advanced that its sensors speed-read the road ahead and adjust the system faster than a blink of an eye, with more than 23,000 inputs of data per second,” says David Russell, vehicle dynamics technical specialist, The Lincoln Motor Company.


When the road throws unexpected obstacles your way, the Lincoln Aviator was designed to respond so you can focus on enjoying the journey. The suspension’s advanced pothole mitigation senses when a wheel drops and reacts to stiffen the shock absorber. 


The traditional hard coil springs were replaced with guided air springs as part of the available Air Glide Suspension to further enhance your driving experience and provide optimal comfort and capability.


The 2020 Lincoln Aviator will make its debut this summer, along with the Lincoln-first Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview. Drive with confidence in a vehicle that watches out for you while on the road. Drive the Lincoln Aviator.

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