Driver Assist Features Of The Lincoln Nautilus

The development of the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus has led to the collection of a large number of driver assist features for Lincoln Motor Company's newest vehicle. The Lincoln Nautilus will replace the Lincoln MKX and come standard with a slew of technological features that aid drivers in their quest to create a safe environment on the road.

Standard features on the new Lincoln Nautilus include a rear view camera that helps drivers monitor areas behind the vehicle that aren’t as visible with mirrors and the naked eye.

The Lincoln Nautilus also comes standard with Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, a feature that automatically helps slow the vehicle if a pedestrian is detected in front of it. The feature will apply the brakes to slow the vehicle down as it approaches the pedestrian.

A similar feature is the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus’ Automatic Emergency Braking system which applies the brakes when slow-moving vehicles are detected ahead. This can help reduce the chances of a collision.

Visibility is often an area where drivers struggle, particular when changing lanes. Lincoln’s Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert is designed to help drivers in that area, as the Lincoln Nautilus alerts you with an indicator light on your side mirrors if a vehicle is in your blind spot.

Additionally, in the event that you get into a collision, the Lincoln Nautilus is outfitted with Post-Collision Braking which automatically slows the vehicle after a collision to avoid even more risks after the initial impact.

Driver assist features are not substitutes for safe driving habits, but they can go a long way in creating a safer environment for drivers everywhere when coupled with good driving skills.

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