Tips For Driving In The Snow

Though it may be hard for many drivers to believe, winter conditions are now affecting roads across many parts of the country. While snow can be a welcome change for many after months of heat, it is also one of the most adverse driving conditions.

Every year, snow and wintry weather cause hundreds of accidents across the country. Some of these accidents turn out to be unavoidable; many, on the other hand, are caused by drivers not knowing the proper way to drive in snow. Below are a few of the basics to help make your winter commute.

Keep It Slow

This tip is the golden rule of driving in the snow. Do everything on the road slower than you typically would. Driving quickly, especially if the snow is sticking, will only make it easier for your vehicle to spin or fishtail.

Avoid Stopping

One mistake many drivers make is to come to a stop when driving in snow. If stopping can be avoided, it should; you want to keep a safe and even speed of travel for your entire commute. Never stop on a hill in snowy conditions, unless there is no other option. Stopping here may cause you to lose traction and begin to slide.

Remain Calm and Even

In order to succeed at driving in the snow, it’s necessary to remain calm and keep your actions level. Jerky or erratic driving can only add danger while on the road. A level head in a snowstorm is an important asset.

Driving in the snow can be a very stressful task, but with a cool head and awareness, you can succeed on your wintry drive.

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