Helpful Winter Maintenance Tips

For many drivers, winter is right around the corner. However, there are a number of Americans who are already experiencing the cold weather and precipitation that come with the cold season.

The cold weather takes a toll on many aspects of everyday life, including your vehicle. Vehicles have to contend with severe cold weather and adverse conditions during these winter months. It’s important to ensure the vehicle is up to the task with some last-minute winter maintenance.

Snow Tires

One of the most useful tools for the driver facing snowy conditions is winter tires. These tires are built to handle wintry roads better than their standard counterparts. Having snow tires put on can provide a much calmer, safer, driving experience this winter.

Change Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades go through quite a bit of abuse throughout the seasons. You want them at their best during the winter, when a clear windshield is imperative. If your blades are smearing or smudging the glass and not taking all of the water off, it’s time for a replacement.

Check The Battery

Having a healthy battery, especially during cold weather, is necessary. Bitter cold weather can put a drain on your battery, particularly if yours is aging. A visually-worn battery is often a good sign it needs to be replaced. Some batteries will indicate when they should be changed; if you are unsure, it is best to seek professional guidance.

Winter weather can put a toll on your vehicle, but these few last-minute maintenance tips can help both you and the vehicle have the best winter driving experience.

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