5 Car Tips To Keep In Mind This Summer

The summer months mean hotter weather, longer drives and the potential for unpleasant driving conditions. With all the possibilities that can emerge because of the heat, there are a few steps you can take to minimize annoying scenarios that can present themselves.

Prepare for summer with these five pieces of advice that can make the summer weather a little less dreadful.

Invest In A Dashboard Sun Cover

We’ve all wandered back to our car after a hot day only for the inside of the vehicle to to feel more like the inside of a volcano. The intense heat inside your car can be reduced by buying a dashboard sun cover for your car. The cover will both protect your dashboard and keep the inside a little cooler than it would be otherwise. A real must-have for summer.

Make Sure Your AC Is Working

While rolling the windows down can help quite a bit, nothing feels better after spending time in the sun than some nice cold air-conditioning. If yours isn’t working, then it’s definitely worth getting repaired before the heat really kicks in, because there are some days where having the windows down just won’t cut it.

Replace Your Wipers

Have you ever driven in an intense summer thunderstorm? If you haven’t, you’re lucky. Intense storms can nearly erase your visibility, making it all the more important that you have a fresh set of windshield wipers to push away precipitation. Even if you just buy a cheaper set, it’s better than having worn wipers.

Searing Steering Wheel

Placing your hands on a burning-hot steering wheel is one of the worst summer surprises there is. Many just wait til the AC to kick in and cool off the wheel, but here’s a little trick. Before you get out of your car, turn the steering wheel 180 degrees so the sun heats the opposite side. That way, when you’re ready to leave later, the top of the wheel will be at a nicer temperature.

Wear Sunscreen When Driving

You might think this one sounds a little strange, but how many times have you been pelted with intense rays while driving, resulting in painful sunburn later? Probably more than a few times, right? Avoid the unnecessary sunburn by applying sunscreen before embarking on extended drives. You might regret the smell, but you won’t regret applying it.  

These five summer driving hacks will help you prepare for some of the negatives the upcoming months have to offer, so be sure to get some new wipers, have a bottle of sunscreen handy and buy that dashboard sunshade before it gets too hot.

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