4 Car Care Myths That Aren't True

Just like with any other topic out there in the world, there are plenty of myths when it comes to proper care care practices. While some myths, like Sasquatch of the Loch Ness Monster are relatively harmless to believe, believing false auto care myths can actually do damage to your vehicle and increase the amount of maintenance you need down the road.

It’s important to get factual information about the right car care practices so you don't make any unnecessary mistake that could have been easily avoided.

Myth: Premium Gas Is Better For Your Car Than Regular Gas

Truth: For most cars, the only difference between purchasing regular gas and premium gas is spending the extra money for no reason. If your owner’s manual recommends you use regular gas, then that’s what you should be filling your vehicle with. All the extra octane does is make it more resistant to engine knocking or pinging, which doesn’t affect the performance of your engine.

Myth: Tires Should Be Inflated To Maximum Pressure

Truth: Inflating tires to the maximum pressure listed on the tire itself is not a good practice. That is the absolute maximum that a tire can hold, not the recommended amount of pressure. For best results, inflate your tires to the amount listed on a sticker inside your glove compartment, inside your door, or whatever location  it might be at. Check you owner’s manual for details.

Myth: Give Your Engine Time To Warm Before You Drive

Truth: Engines actually warm up faster when you just start driving your vehicle after turning it on, so the idea that your car should be warmed up before being driven isn’t a good piece of advice. The quicker it warms up, the quicker it will reach its best performance and fuel economy, so there’s no need to let your vehicle idle if it won’t help anything.

Myth: You Need To Prepare Your Car For The Seasons

Truth: The only special maintenance your car may need before the winter months is a change in tires, but other than that, there really isn’t anything special you need to do to you car to prepare for different seasons. What’s really important is that you have your car serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it is driving and operating properly, but the seasons shouldn’t determine when or when you don’t get car care for your vehicle.

These tips will help preserve various components of your vehicle while also saving you money! They can easily be shared with other drivers and car owners to create a better informed community who implement the proper auto care practices to help both them and their vehicles.

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