5 Ways Potholes Damage Your Vehicle

Potholes may be the most hated foes that drivers face on the road. These large holes in roadway infrastructure approach with little warning and do more than provide an uncomfortable bump in your travels; they cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Pothole.info estimates that drivers pay over $300 each year to pay for damages caused by potholes, while the American Automobile Association (AAA) says that potholes cost U.S. drivers an average of about $3 billion per year.

There’s no doubt that potholes are damaging all across the U.S. They can cause a range of problems that can stretch across an entire vehicle, showing no mercy to the driver or their automobile.

Tire Damage

One of the most frequent problems caused by potholes is tire damage. Hitting the gaps, cracks and holes in the road can cause tire punctures and flats, which lead to unnecessary and avoidable costs. A single tire can cost anywhere from $50 to $400, showing how series of a problem potholes can be, especially if they cause repeated damage.

Damage To Suspension

If tire damage isn’t bad enough, the damage potholes can cause to your suspension will downright infuriate you. Struts and shock absorbers, wheels and ball joints can all be damaged from potholes

Alignment Problems

Potholes can also affect your vehicle’s handling. When driving over a pothole, it’s possible that the hole will bend one of your steering parts out of alignment, causing your vehicle to pull to a certain side. Alignment issues can also cause uneven wear on your tires, which may require you to get a tire replacement sooner than you would have to otherwise.

Bent Wheels

Since your wheels are the first part of your vehicle to hit the pothole, they can become bent from the impact which doesn’t allow a vehicle to drive smoothly. This often requires wheels to be replaced.

Body Damage

Your wheels and steering components aren’t alone in the battle against potholes. Your bumper and other parts of your vehicles body can also take some damage, leading to issues with the function and appearance of your vehicle.

If you happen to hit a major potholes during your drive that seem to be impacting the way your vehicle functions, it’s important that your take your vehicle to a service center immediately to get the necessary fixes and avoid any future problems that could occur if you put off auto service.

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