How Winter Damages Your Car

Winter is a favorite season for many people. The snow and cold weather are often a welcome to many after the heat of summer. However, winter is definitely not the favorite season for your vehicle.

Though your vehicle faces any number of challenges throughout the year, winter is the hardest season for it. This is why caring for your vehicle is particularly important during the winter. Why is the season so hard for your daily driver?

Salt: Though not a product of the weather, salted roads are a direct result of freezing weather. Salt makes roads safer to drive, but it can also wear on your vehicle. The underside of your vehicle is susceptible to salt, and left unchecked, can start to corrode. Washing your vehicle can get rid of this corrosive substance.

Battery: Prolonged cold weather can take a severe toll on vehicle batteries. Freezing temperatures force batteries to work much harder in order to get the vehicle to run. This toll can easily make your battery die, especially if it is an older model.

Thick fluids: Just like your battery, cold weather can affect your vehicle’s fluids. Freezing weather can make these fluids thicken up. These thicken fluids do not work nearly as effectively as normal, which is why it’s important to warm up our vehicle before driving in such cold weather. Attempting to force these thickened liquids to work before warming up can cause problems.

Winter can be a very enjoyable time of year. However, it’s important to know that the season is hard on your vehicle, and adequate precautions should be taken in order to prevent damage.

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