6 Classic Lincolns With Tons Of Character

There’s just something great about classic cars. Maybe it’s the classy, one-of-a-kind styling that left such a strong impression on American culture. It could also be the nostalgia that these cars conjure up when we’re behind the wheel or we see them driving by.

Whatever it is, they have a special place in our hearts for good reason — they’re timeless, beautiful machines that take us back to a wonderful time in automotive engineering.

Lincoln Motor Company was a leading manufacturer during this golden age of automaking, developing vehicles like the Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Zephyr and Lincoln Town Car that captured that interest of drivers and passerby worldwide. Below, we’ll look at some gorgeous creations from Lincoln Motor Company as we take a step back in time to relive some of these incredible cars.

1971 Lincoln Continental

This beautiful 1971 Lincoln Continental shows off its red finish and gorgeous grille. The sunlight offers an extra glow to this 1971 classic.

1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III

This 1970 Lincoln Continental boasts incredible styling, a stunning grille and a smooth white paint job. It just oozes class, doesn’t it?

1954 Lincoln Capri

Just look at this 1954 Lincoln Capri. Who wouldn’t want to drive this around on a calm summer day?

1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

The exquisite bodywork is what really stands out on any classic Lincoln Zephyr, but it is especially spectacular on this model.

1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Convertible

The 1950s were a great period for cars and this 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Convertible proves it.

1947 Lincoln Continental

Luxury. Style. Class. Beauty. All of these words come to mind when looking at this exceptional 1947 Lincoln Continental.

These six vehicles are just a small sampling of the automotive art that Lincoln made early on in their history. From the famed Lincoln Continental to the unforgettable Lincoln Zephyr, these vehicles are unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon.

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