Important Information For Vehicle Brake Safety

One of the most important components of any vehicle is its braking system. A vehicle’s brake pads and rotors ensure that the vehicle can slow and stop safely and effectively to help drivers maintain control of the vehicle and prevent vehicle collisions.

Every August is dedicated as Brake Safety Awareness Month to emphasize the importance of regular brake maintenance. With brakes being such a pivotal part of every vehicle, the campaign is designed to keep drivers informed about one of the most vital parts of their automobile.

There are a number of indicators that your vehicle needs prompt brake service, all of which signal the need for new brakes, new brake rotors or other fixes to your brake system. If you experience any of these warning signs, it’s important that you have your vehicle serviced quickly to avoid brake failure or other potential dangers.

These signs include:

  • The vehicle is pulling to one side

  • Unusual noises when you apply the brakes including squeaking, squealing or grinding

  • A visible brake warning light

  • A hard or soft brake pedal

  • A vibrating or shaking steering wheel

  • Brake fluid leaks

All of these signs serve as a notification that brake service is needed to keep your brake system in safe working condition. Whether your vehicle is in need of new brakes, rotors or other fixes to your brake system to address areas that are leaking brake fluid, a service technician will be able to help your vehicle remain safe on the road.

The longevity of a vehicle’s brakes depends on a few factors, including your own driving habits, the type of vehicle you drive, driving conditions and the quality of your vehicle’s brakes.

Rich White, the executive director of the Car Care Council, stressed the importance of regular brake inspections and maintenance in an August statement.

“When it comes to vehicle safety, the brake system is at the top of the list,” White said. “Motorists can put a stop to any potential brake system problems by recognizing the signs and symptoms that their brake system may need maintenance or repair.”

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